3 Million Tons of Munitions in the North Sea

For those with an interest in EOD, the attached link is a French documentary describing the 3 million tons of munitions including chemical munitions that have been dumped in the North Sea. Even if you don’t speak French there are some quite impressive pictures.

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3 milliards is 3 billion tons …

Thanks for the correction, my error, French not my strongpoint.


Also add another giant amount for the Baltic Sea.

Before the Belgian coast there’s a bank called Paardenmarkt. Prohibition of fishing and anchoring. Only God and the devil know what’s lying underneath.

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The British disposed of a similar
Quantity as well…besides various artillery shells, also tons of US made .303 ammo which had deteriorating powder or splitting cases ( they also offloaded millions of rounds to Portugal and the Baltic States.) …by 1927, Portugal was salvaging the bullets for loading into AE 1927 and 1928
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Additional background reading Re-Canada at:


To what I saw so far all countries with access to the sea were dumping more or less ammunition there.
In civilized countries thsi is a no-go today but I am sure thet plenty are still doing it.
And this is as good as open burning or open detonation.