3 Russian and 1 GRoth-Info?

A few years ago, I made a trade for the four rounds pictured. I know the two Nagants with the strange shoulder are for the early Soviet SMG as discussed recently on the Forum.

[7.62 x 38.5mm Russian Nagant for submachine gun]

One has no hst and seems to have something headstamped at the top and just the date “35” at the bottom. These appear to be legit rounds for the Tokarev SMG, but are they made legit???

I have no idea what the revolver round is. An ID would be helpful.

Finally, the copperwash steel case round. What is it, if it is anything??? The sabot is orange plastic.

Any info on the relative desirability of these rounds would be helpful. Right now they are going into my box of trades for good 9x19mm.


Click image for a bigger picture of the headstamps.

The GR round looks like the 11.2 Gasser in the last Andy A Auction. Lot 58


Similar unknown (to me) industrial (?) or flechette cartridge posted by “Miho” https://reibert.info/threads/redkie-patrony-i-gilzy.101033/page-23:


PS: Some additional information:

Google translation: Swept bullets … | Gun magazine "Kalashnikov"
The second part of the article about the history of the development of ammunition with arrow-shaped bullets.

Photo below is from the above listed article.

Cartridge #2 in the photo is listed as (Google translation) “Rifle 10 / 4.5-mm, single - bullet


The neck-shoulder on the round you picture differs from the rounds shown in the photos posted above.
I wonder if it is a legitimate variation or a suspect cartridge???

Brian, your’s here are the 10mm Flechettes. There are at least 3 case types basing on the 7.62x54R case. Two copper clad types and one made of brass,
The one Lew is showing for some reason does not fit the known Russian types by design and appearance.

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