.30-03 charger

These rounds came to me on the charger. But I never saw a .30-03 charger. So, is there such a thing as “.30-03 charger”? And is this the one?


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Brophy lists it as M1903 clip first type, so probably correct for 1903 ctg.

Honestly, I have no idea although this is definitely an early variant of the ,30" charger. Brophy, in his otherwise excellent book on the 1903 rifles is mystified by the chronology as there were a variety of chargers, with their associated Patents, in use although the dates and secquence are still unknown.

The earliest Patent was US 770497, taken out by Goss. The application was on November 27th, 1903 and the Patent was published on September 20th, 1904.

The charger you show, with the central rebate used to retain the spring, rather than the more usual tabs of the Goss type was Patent US 866080, taken out by Stapely. The application was on June 8th, 1905 and the Patent was published on September 17th, 1907 … so either of these two designs could have been used with 30-03 ammunition.

Given the lack of definite information, and the unlikeliness of our ever getting any, I think we ought to ask those lucky enough to have opened sealed packets containing 30-03 cartridges just what it was that they found in them.


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Nice find!
It is very likely that the cartridges are original to the clip which helps date it.