30-03 Headstamp W


This is a military cartridge?

cartridge 30-03

Headstamp W.R.A.CO. .30 G. 1903.
bullet Headstamp W


It is a cartridge made for a military rifle, but not made for issue by / to the military as those have arsenal headstamps.
W.R.A.Co., U.M.C. Co., REM-UMC and U.S.C.Co. made .30-03’s in both FMJ & soft nose loading’s. Peters as far as I know, only offered soft nose loads.

EDITED to add.

Some of the W.R.A.Co., U.S.C.Co & U.M.C. rounds have a dated headstamp. Those were contract loads. Here are two examples of W.R.A.Co. dates. UMC [some dates are: 2 07, 2-06 &11-05] & US [my only dated example is: 1-06] had dates at 600h as the left W.R.A.Co. example does.


Peters also offered a 225 gr. Belted hollow point (cat.# 3090) for two or three years in the '30s. Headstamp was “PETERS .30 G. 1903.”.


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