.30-03 "U.S.C.Co. 1-06"

.30-06 was officially adopted on Oc.15, 1906. But this one is of an earlier date. It does measure 63mm and does not appear to be a .30-03 convert. Is it possibly one the earliest .30-06’s?

Vlad, what is telling us that it is earlier than Oct 1906?

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1-06 ===January 1906. Month and year were standard US military dating system till into WWI .

Could be a contract approval run for the USG.
The October date of adoption is the “official ,records date”. Ammunition to the specification for trials could have been made before that date.

Doc AV

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I think DocAV’s post answers that.

These headstamps by the USC Co in my collection start with 7-05 and go to 6-17 with 30-06. Generally there are usually only about three per year. But who knows the total set of dates for these contracts. There are fewer dates for the 30-03. Several of the 30-06 dates may be cut off 03’s.

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Vlad and Doc, thanks! I was not sure about the lot pattern back in 1906.

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Circa 1900-1910 it was policy at Frankford Arsenal when using previously loaded cases to make a line across the headstamp. Some are neater than others, and some were skipped. FA also seems to have broken down large quantities of .30-03 ammunition and reduced the case length and reloaded them as .30-06.
This case appears to have on of the lines across the base which would indicate this is a reload see below where the line is marked. It may be a scar from something else, but I believe it is the reload mark.

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Hi Vlad
can you post a picture of case mouth & bullet


Sorry, as soon as the snow stops, very soon. I need day light for better photos. I usually go to work when it is dark and come home when it is dark again.

I fished out a bunch of these from a discount bin at York,PA. I sorted them into 2 groups, one short and normal looking (I assume .30-06) another long 65mm with crimped mouth to reduce it to 63mm (I assume ex-.30-03). The headstamps are arranged in the same progression from left to right.
P.S. The snow is not stopping, taking pics next to the window.

the two on the left are broken down 30-03 rounds, shortened and then loaded as blanks. nothing to do with very early 30-06 rounds.
on the 2nd from left (the UMC one) you can see a reloading mark that John mentioned.

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There are .30 M1906 cases converted from '03 by FA and loaded as standard ball rounds. I have one headstamped FA 4 05. Jack

I know but I traveling right now, can’t look what my earliest 30-06 date is.
will answer next week

Does anyone have a list of the know headstamps for these types of rounds?

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will let you know next week when I am home again


I picked up a bunch of blanks for the 30.06 quite a few years ago. As you can see I also have a 1-06 and a 12-05. Would be interested in the history of these.

For the military paper bullet blanks there are two versions:

ex 30-03 blanks with crimped case mouth so that they fit a 30-06 chamber.
Here my earliest date in my collection is FA 2 03
and latest date is FA 5 06

normal 30-06 length case, which is either a cut-off 30-03 case or a regular 30-06 case

Here my earliest date in my collection is FA 11 03
and latest date is FA 11 08

These are fluted cases. I believe that they were made that way.

if they have fluted cases, then they are dummies
pls see this tread

There are also guard cartridges that feature short fluting of the shoulder area of the case. Jack

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