.30-03 "U.S.C.Co. 1-06"

Does anyone have a list of the know headstamps for these types of rounds?

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will let you know next week when I am home again


I picked up a bunch of blanks for the 30.06 quite a few years ago. As you can see I also have a 1-06 and a 12-05. Would be interested in the history of these.

For the military paper bullet blanks there are two versions:

ex 30-03 blanks with crimped case mouth so that they fit a 30-06 chamber.
Here my earliest date in my collection is FA 2 03
and latest date is FA 5 06

normal 30-06 length case, which is either a cut-off 30-03 case or a regular 30-06 case

Here my earliest date in my collection is FA 11 03
and latest date is FA 11 08

These are fluted cases. I believe that they were made that way.

if they have fluted cases, then they are dummies
pls see this tread

There are also guard cartridges that feature short fluting of the shoulder area of the case. Jack

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but those have no tinned cases like in usmc69’s picture

for what ever it is worth, my earliest .Cal. 30 M1906 from a cut down Cal. .30 M1903 is 4 04

I need a lesson here these very early 1906 and 1903 confuse me to what is what I have a
fully loaded round round nosed nickel clad bullet with the stamp 12 03 FA now is this already
a 1906 or still a 1903???

I need education too. My 2nd headstamp in the above scan is “UMC 2-07”. Rene says it is a .30-03 cut down to .30-06 length. February 1907 is well within .30-06 adoption. How long were .30-03 produced after .30-06 was adopted?

I presume you are talking About a Ball round. That is also the earliest headstamp I have for a FA 30-06 round.

Please see picture below for a short trip in history. From left to right:
.30 KRAG
(EDIT) and not a .30 experimental rimless (basically a rimless version of the .30 KRAG)) see Posting PetedeCoux
.30-01 (note the thick rim)
.30-06 case length reduced to 63 mm

FA 9 06 is the first production headstamp for the 30-06 round. No cases were produced between Nov 1906 and May 1907.
In 1909, Frankford Arsenal was told to break-up 25 Mio rounds of 30-03 ammunition, modify the cases and re-use them for 30-06 production.
Therefor all rounds with a date before Sep 1906 are re-worked 30-03 cases.

Sherryl, I must admit that I concentrated on the USC CO 1 06 and overlooked the UMC 1-07 headstamp.
Don’t know if UMS produced 30-06 cases early 1907.


René, nice comparison, thanks!

Was the projectile profile of the 01 and 03 different?
And what about the weights?

What was the case length for the 01 and 03 ?

Hi Alex,

the bullets for the first 4 cartridges are more or less identical and the weight is 220 grains.
Case length of the 30-01 is around 65 mm and the 30-03 is a fraction (0.2 mm) shorter

René, thanks! So the bullet shapes are just production differences and nothing intended?

According to HWS-1 there are bullet variations for the .30 KRAG as well as the 30-01 and 30-03.
However I don’t chase these and so far I have never looked into that.
Maybe Mr KRAG (Randy) can tell us more here.

Thank for the reply I have 4 more to look at if it is of interest The first 2 are tinn washed cases as above
with paper bullets UMC 1-06 and FA 10-05
The other 2 are both UMC the one is a hunting load with a soft point lead bullet UMC-30-1903 impressed U
in primer the next is UMC-12-05 military round nose bullet.

Rene, if you don’t mind I like to take a wee bit of issue with the rimless Krag you call a 30 Rimless experimental. Those are also known as the .30 Blake, and you are somewhat correct, my issue is that these were most likely a made not by the government but by Mr. John Blake for a rifle he entered in the 1892 Magazine Board Trials. See IAA issue 436, March / April 2004 page 34.

Yes I was referring to ball rounds.

To Sherryl
The differences in the Cal. 30 M-1901 and the Cal. .30 M-1903 is the rim thickness.
The differences in the Cal. 30 M-1903 and the Cal. .30 M-1906 is the case length.
As some of the M-01 and the M-03 cases were converted into the newer version headstamps overlap so you can not rely on a headstamp for anything more than when the case was originally made.

Thanks for the lesson problem is to remember

One the left is a Cal. .30 M-1901 (hs- F 12 01", while the middle (hs- U.M.C. 30 S.) and right are Cal. .30 M-1903 (hs- U.M.C. 30-1903).
These illustrate the ojive change between the models. The “30 S” stamped one has the M-01 profile while the “30-M1903” illustrates the M-03 profile found in arsenal produced rounds. I think / believe the “30 S.” is the only M-03 case produced with this M-01 “wider along the side near the tip” bullet profile.