.30-06 Alternative box


Which headstamp is inside? The box is sealed. The seller said this was an Alternative to Match ammo. Is that right?


GMCS (Gilding Metal Clad Steel) jacket vs GM jacket. An effort to reduce US dependence on copper, a strategic material during wartime, the US is a producer of copper, but consumes more than it can produce in a war emergency.


sksvlad, your SL Alternative should be in the 42-43 range. We had a discussion on the “ALTERNATIVE” issue back in Sept if you want to go look at it. Cheers, Bruce.


I have the following additional information on this box from a friend who likes ammo too:

I have that same box. Inside you will find SL 42 cartridges. They do not have a steel jacket. The M2 Alternative had a core with less antimony content. The M2 Alternate had the steel jacket.
You can check to be certain by holding a magnet to the bottom of the box. It should not be attracted.