30/06 ama 90

A guy received some of these cartridges loaded with a Sierra Game King bullet ( hunting bullet)

He says that according to him they are factory loads ( good crimp etc.) , but I think that these cartridges are modified blanks loaded with someone using a hunting bullet.
I read some past thread where is written that in 1990 this factory made 30/06 blanks only. According to some authorities no civilian ammunition is known with this headstamp.

Who is right?

I have an ‘AMA 90’ fired case in my collection, which does certainly not come from a blank, as the Danish blanks in .30-06 were rose crimped (short M/52 or long M/60 or or grenade “blank” M/50). But I don’t know if AMA has loaded Sierra bullets in .30-06.

Most likely hand loads. I can put on a factory appearing case mouth crimp with my hand loading tools, so the presence of a “good crimp” does not always indicate a factory load.


The production of danish .30-06 blanks stopped 1981 and of combat rounds in 1991 (the extra-lot of 1994 for the Royal Guards doesn’t matter in this case …).

And as Morten stated: the danish .30-06 blanks can’t be reloaded with a bullet.

AMA loads of .308 with Sierra bullets are know. Maybe they did the same with .30-06, but in the years since then it would have to be known to us, I think.

The Production of .30/06 Blanks (crimped Star, six folds) did NOT cease in the 1980s, but at least after 1992…Australia bought several Tens of Millions of Rounds of AMA 90, 91, 92 and 93 .30/06 Crimped Blanks in the 1990s; They are “not reloadable” ( ie, Berdan .217/5,5mm ); we in the Movie industry use them to form 7,9 blanks and 7,7 Japanese Blanks, by Hydraulically decapping., trimmed of the crimp section, and reformed.etc.).
Also, the US Army Ammunition procurement agency, in the late 1990s put out a tender for .30/06 blanks for use by VFW Funerals etc, to replace the terminated Lake City .30 cal production. They finally settled on AMA, at least for the first delivery…later, they also got CBC to produce some as well. Both were “repacked” in the USA before distribution to VFW Posts.

Finally, in 2005, Lake City did another run of .30 cal Blanks, this time crimped, but using the 7,62 M82 Blank Form Drawing, and sizing it to .30/06. as all the .30 cal drawing tooling had been disposed of by the 1990s, or converted to 7,62 Calibre. Cases can be distinguished by Date, and the extractor Groove which is 7,62 Nato Wide style, not the older, narrow .30/06 style.

Doc AV

Didn’t known that. Thanks a lot for this information!
Do you know how they were packed? It would be very nice to see, which boxes were used.