30/06 ammo question

I bought a pile of ammo from an estate. As I was unpacking the cans I came across some ammo that I don’t know if it is shooter or collector. I hate to shoot up something that someone would want (pay for) as a collectable.

I found 11 boxes (20 rd to box) of ammo made at Eau Claire Armory in 1942. All but three boxes are still sealed with red tape and all the boxes and ammo look perfect. It has been sealed in a 50cal ammo can with 500 rds of military .45 since the 50’s I know.

Question, do I sell/trade it as a collectable or blast it in my Garand? I hate to shoot up something that others would collect.



I’m not an expert on value but generally, full sealed boxes do have some value beyond what 20 individual rounds would be. Yours could have an even greater value than most WW II '06 ammo.

Because . . .

You might check the headstamp and post it for the real experts to see and comment on. The Eau Claire Ordnance Plant was operated by US Rubber Co. only from 1942 to 1943. The EC headstamp was used for the first few production lots but was quickly changed to EW to avoid confusion with Evansville.

It is corrosive, of course.


Hi Ray
Thanks, this is the kind of info I need as I have NO knowledge of collecting ammo. I will dig out one of the unsealed boxes and check the headstamp to post.

Hello, Parolebear…The boxes you describe should have the flaps at the top glued together, and the “red tape” you mention should be a printed red stripe (part of the labeling), indicating Ball ammunition. As Ray pointed out, better to save it than shoot it, and it is corrosively primed, meaning, you’d need to scrub the heck out of the barrel and gas cylinder of the M1 with GI Bore Cleaner when done shooting…a pain in the backside when non-corrosive “shooting stuff” is readily available…Randy :-)