30-06 ammo


Hey all, just registered and also just purchased my first M1 Garand.
SA 4936XX (January 1942). This rifle came with several bandoliers of ammo in enbloc clips. Turns out 18 of the clips have ammo dated between 1936 and 1953. My question is - is this ammo of any collector interest? I don’t think I would ever fire it for safety reasons. What do you think? Also there is one full clip that has what appears to be ALUMINUM tips on the regular jacketed bullet. The case says “30-06 SPRG SUPER SPEED” Any thoughts on these?



The ammo is not necessarily collectable, the clips and bandoleers probably being worth as much as the cartridges. Unless it is all original, but it doesn’t sound like it is what with the mixed dates. It’s probably safe to shoot but can’t see why you’d want to especially since much of it is probably corrosive and could ruin your barrel if not immediately and thoroughly cleaned. It would make a better display with the rifle or as trading stock.

The aluminum tipped cartridges are probably Winchester Silver Tips, a hunting round. With a Super Speed headstamp they could be as much as 50 years old.



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Your “aluminum tips on regular jacketed bullet” rounds are Winchester “silver tips” which many hunters regard highly. The “silver tip” was intended to produce controlled expansion in game animals at standard ranges. Now discontinued due to technological advances in bullet design, these are still a quality product. In fact, some hunters still seek them out and will pay a fair amount for shootable quantities, even older versions such as these.

Figure the 1936 - 1953 ammo to be corrosive primed. The early 1950s was the transition period - depending on the load and arsenal / contractor, some may be early n/c. With your gas-operated M1, better not to tempt fate, as the use of corrosive primed ammo will require detailed cleaning in two stages - first the hot / soapy water bit to remove the hydroscopic residues which attract moisture, leading to rust . . . followed by cleaning with the standard solvents. Not too big a deal with a sporterized 03A3 bolt action, but a PITA with the Garand (BTDT).

Ball ammo of this era is not especially scarce, but some headstamps / loadings can bring some premium as collector material. A generic “1936 to 1953” is not enough to judge if any of it is in such a category or if its highest and best use is to be broken down for components (although we don’t discuss reloading matters here, so that is as far as I will go on this). Post a list of what you have, by headstamp and loading, and there are many here who can advise you if you have anything of any collector value.