.30-06 AP Box value


Is there much value to a box of AP in .30-06? I picked up a box of AP at the local gun shop for $20 today. It is buff brown box with a tan label that is green and orange striped. The label reads 10 CARTRIDGES/ AMOR PIERCING/ CALIBER .30 M2/ AMMUNITION LOT D.M. 20141 it was manufactured at DES MOINES ORDNANCE PLANT. It is unopened, but the end of the top flap is open enough to see the headstamp (DM 42). Did I over pay?


usmc69–Are you sure it is a box of 10. They usually come in a box of 20.


I hit the wrong key. Yes, it is a box of 20.



My take, you did not overpay, but you also did not get a great (cheap) price. Usually one can get AP loose rounds for $1 a piece at a show. So, if you like this box, don’t worry, be happy.


At $20, that COULD be shootin’ ammo. I know, I know. My buying of SAA is leaning to the cache mode vs assemblage. Politics being what it is. Anyway, considering the price of current commercial fodder, that $20 is a great buy. Collection or not.


Some time ago I started a tread asking for HELP on 30-06 Lotnumbers

The information above is just how I would like to have it.
Come on guys, there must be more collectors out there with
(partly sealed) boxes of 30-06



I can see your thinking Rick. If I lived in the USA, I’d probably buy that AP and stash it away while I could. It probably won’t always be available on the open market. Isn’t it now illegal to import any steel cored rounds into the USA? They won’t be making any more M2 AP any time soon either.