30-06 Assistance please


I have a couple of 30-06 rounds that I need some help with please?

I believe that the one on the left is French, having been made by Atelier de Fabrication de Toulouse (TE). However, I haven’t been able to find the metal supplier (PY). I have only seen reference to Societe Anonyme des Mines et Fonderies de Pontgibaud §. Made second quarter of 1959.

I’m even less sure about the one on the right. My best guess is that it was made by Robert Paulet & Cie, Société Méridionale d’Industrie, Marseille, France (MI) and the metal supplier was Cartoucherie Française (F). Made second quarter of 1953.

Can anyone confirm or correct please?

Don’t know if this helps you, I have a number of these same rounds and their associated with the words " French Browning"? Tom from MN

PY = Hauts-Fourneaux
Forges et Aciéries de Pompey
Usine de Dieulouard

MI = Meding International
F = Tréfileries et Laminoirs de la Méditerranée, St Louis

Take a look at the excellent 30-06 book by Chris Punnett
It is all in there

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Thanks Rene - greatly appreciated.

30-06 is not enough of an interest of mine to warrant buying a dedicated reference. For cartridges that I am more focussed on I do.

I did a quick Google search, which returned a number of listings, all of which say out of stock. The only one with an actual copy in stock and for sale was Abe books, who want US$345. Way outside of the figure that I can sneak past SWMBO!

I’d love to get a copy of Peter Labbett’s .303 book but that is close to $500 now. I can find this in the National Library but I would have to fly to Canberra to read it. I would be nice if our libraries had books on ammunition but they fall into a category that doesn’t appeal to them.

This is why I am always grateful to the members on here who willingly share their knowledge.

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