.30-06 Ball, M1 with blue tip


I have bullet М-1 of a .30-06 cartridge. The bullet has blue painting tip. In the literature (H.W.S.) I did’t meet a mention of such painting for ball M 1 bullets. It’s not an incendiary ballet! What it for a bullet?
Thanks in advance.


What’s the headstamp ? Can you post a photo of the bullet tip and headstamp/cartridge base?


Unfortunately the case at me is not present, but to me have told, that case had “FA 30” headstamp.

Photo of the bullet (by Costas):



I lightened the image to see the color of the paint . . . I suspect the process affected the hue - it appears to be a shade of blue green?


This looks like an “after-market” paint addition. The flaking and uneven coating don’t look genuine - ie: “factory”.


The given type of painting is specified in some Soviet special references of 1945-46.

1.Blagonravov A.L. Equipment of a small arms.M., 1945
2.The directory on cartridges, hands and special grenades foreign
Armies.M., 1946

I thought, that blue color marks for ball bullet has been connected with deliveries on lend-lease of WWII.


Some incendiary rounds destined for the British Forces as part of the Lend-Lease agreement during WW2 did have dark blue tips similar to the one shown. However, neither the M1 or M1-Alternate Incendiary had a boat-tailed bullet, neither did Remington’s contract for the RAF and the British equivalent, the .30 B MkIZ (none have been seen), was identical to the US M1 Incendiary. The .30 B Mk IIZ was a British design with a 154-grain bullet but, again, none have been seen. The .30 B MkIZ and the .30 B MkIIz were experimental. I have not seeen or heard of any records that the US supplied Russia with .30-06 contract ammo during WW2. However, if they did they, would have probably used the US standard M1 or M1-Alt. Incendiary bullets. Given the early date on the case and the fact that your paint tip does not look genuine, I suspect someone took the standard M1 Ball bullet and added a little decoration. Chris P.


Yes, but if it so the mention in the special Soviet literature whence has undertaken?
Data in which were based on results disassembling and studying of cartridges elements?.

Thank You for Your information, Chris P.