30-06 Blank box - Chlorate Primers

This box is full of standard M1909 blanks with a “DEN 43” headstamp.

Any idea when this was repacked? I am wondering if it was post WWII.



TM9-1305-200 indicates that Cal .30 Blank M1909 ammunition produced by TW switched to non-corrosive primers in September 1951 at lot number TW18712. Assuming that they used the same lot number sequence when loading recovered cases, lot TW19541 would have been produced after that.

Lacking any other information, one can only assume.

I do not read the carton label as saying the cartridges were re-packed. I read it that TW used recovered primed cases and loaded them as M1909 Blanks.


“Recovered Primed Cases” means Old Lots of ammo Pulled down to re-utilise the Cases(and primers) as Blanks. This was still being done by Lake City in the Mid 1960s, for a big lot of Blanks for the Kingdom of Jordan ( US Mil-Aid Program)…the Ammo came our way ( “The Great Raid”) just after “Saving Private Ryan”…still packed in LC 20 round cartons. The Packets contained Mixed headstamps of every production Factory and every Year from 1939 (FA Match) to 1962 (FA Match) and all the DEN, DM, TW etc in between.
Included with these were some cases obviously “reloaded” ( ie, Spent Cases fully reworked as well).

WE regarded All this ammo as Corrosive, and Washed the BMGs, BARs and Garands accordingly after a day’s Filming…all 300 Plus of them.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services