.30-06 blank box label question

This is a box of “LC 69” .30-06 blanks. The over-label which sits on top of the original printed label has “SDSLE Label 5244-1 (1 Jul 89)” written on it. What does it mean? Is it a US military designation for surpus ammo for civilian market? I don’t know what it reads on the box under this label.

Hi Vlad,

interesting variation. I will show you two others in my collection. The label underneath yours will be
close to the ones shown in the pictures. The first box contains cartridges with HS L C 69, the other
one is still sealed. The fact that the last box has this warning printed on the box, makes me think
that this was done because whatever regulation changed and not because the ammo was designated
for the surplus market (JMHO). If you want to part of this box, feel free to bring it to SLICS. [color=#FF0000]:o)[/color]


US Blank .30 cal ammo, from my experience, has lot numbers and packaging which almost NEVER matches the headstamps, at least in the Post WW II period.
A Batch of M1909 Blanks sent to Jordan in the early 1960s, was loaded at lake City using cases dating from the late 1930s, thru WW II, and the Korean war and early Vietnam HS ( shellcases were either “ball case factory seconds” or “remanufactured-- pull down ammo, or once fired cases” as seen by the primer crimps – original or re-done). THis ammo then was surplussed when they made “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers” ( UK/Ireland) and “The Great Raid” (Australia)…I got hundreds of original 20 round LC Packets (usual US type for Blank) and of course, tens of thousands of fired cases…hence the HS analysis.

The 1989 packaging is either a “Repack” done by LC in 1989, of either Blank ammo made in 1969 originally, or made up later with LC69 cases, or even remanufactured from Life-expired LC69 Ball ammo probably in the late 1980s ( “15 year rule”). The .30 Blanks supplied to Australia thru to the 1990s, was mostly New, LC 68,72 and 77, in standard buff coloured Boxes (same as for 7,62 Nato and 5,56 M200. I think that by 1980, LC had stopped making NEW .30 Blanks, and was simply re-manufacturing or repacking old stock.

IN the 1990s, they ordered some from AMA (Denmark) for veterans Funeral salutes, etc, then contracted CBC (Brazil) for a further lot in about 2002, and eventually went back to making them at Lake City in about 2006 ( but with a star crimp, rather than the wad of the M1909)…They use a modified draw of the 7,62mmM82 Blank ( same case length as the .30 cal).
NO .30 cal Ball has been made at LC since the early 1980s…someone will have a definitive date from our US members.

Doc AV


That is simply the label number. Everything had a number, even the labels. Cartons and labels are often made at different locations and supplied to the Ordnance Plants and Arsenals in bulk.


Who is the “LOD” in the lot number? Is it Letterkenny Ordnance Depot? If this is a repack, or re-issue of an inspected lot, I don’t think it was done at Lake City. The color of the paper does not look typical either…white instead of cream colored. Maybe done at a print shop local to “LOD”?


Looks like SDS is the abbreviation for the U.S. Army’s “Standard Depot System” and when LE is appended it indicates Letterkeny, and probably other letters are used for other facilities.

The lot number tells it all.

LOD = Letterkenny Ordnance Depot
89 = 1989
H = August
001 = Interfix #001
G = Regrouped lot (2 or more lots combined)
001 = Lot #001