30.06 Blank Cutaways


30.06 Blank Cutaways, from left to right:
J/TE W59 Japanese
Red plastic
Blue plastic
NWM 30/57 Dutch
REM-UMC 30.06
FN/62 Short Range Belgium


Interesting, thanks for sharing.
I assume the plastic ones are Bakelittfabrikken manufacture?


Maybe I am wrong; but not all “blanks”…yes ?


At least the blue plastic one is a short range training round.


The Belgian round is a short-range cartridge, and I believe the Japanese round is probably a Grenade Cartridge ?



Ray, that one was described as such already. “FN/62 Short Range Belgium”


No. 1 looks like an Ellis Merchantile movie blank.

The Belgian cartridge is not a short range practice cartridge but a less lethal loading by AFM. A copy of the 7.62x51 loading of this cartridge was experimented in Argentina.