30-06 Blank (error)

Just going through my blank 30-06 and I think that this might be an error on the headstamp. To me the letter N looks like a Z on its side. Not the style of any other N used in FN headstamps.
your thoughts please, or have I started to go mad!

Maybe the latter :-)

No seriously, I think this is just a font variation which occured/occurs with many manufacturers over the time.
Maybe you can try to look up other FN headstamps out of 1952 in other calibers and see what is going on.
And also try to look at 1951 and 1953 dates.

Just looked through my internet downloaded photos and found those below. It appears the 1950s were the time of the “wide N” including some “back and forth”.

And sorry if I do not remember who’s images these are.

This is a propelling blank for ENERGA grenades.