30-06 Blank I.D

I have looked in the HWS book and can find nothing on this blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

most likely a movie blank. Most are marked: full, 1/2 or 1/4 on the wad
but I also have some without markings. All kind of cases were (re)used,
so the manufacturer code doesn’t have any meaning


Another possibility for the origin of this blank is the Home Guard during WW2 in the UK. FA 33 was the most common headstamp on .30" cartridges supplied to the HG, they still turn up in the original brass Springfield chargers. I have got several, locally made, blanks converted from ball which were given to me by old HG soldiers. However, the four petal crimp on my ones is not as neat as your one.

Apparently the HG had plenty of ball ammunition but no blank for training.


Movie blank was my first thought also, so I looked through several hundred 06 movie blanks, a number of which have a petal crimp mouth closure, but all are the typical 6 petal style. Almost every blank also has either a red or yellow top wad either with or without the load printed.

Did anyone look through Chris’s book?

Did anyone look through Chris’s book?[/quote]

I have, at least the FA section on blanks, and he does not mention a four-pt crimp, only 5 and a 6, but he does mention movie blanks though he doesn’t describe or show one.

I had a number of these blanks but no info. Due to slight variations in the case-mouth crimp, I suspected they were hand-made, possibly movie blanks. However, like Pete, I am skeptical of them as movie blanks as they do not match patterns normally associated with Ellis Mercantile or Stembridge.

I don’t know why I didn’t look in Chris’s book before posting this. I guess because it was a blank I didn’t think to look in his great book. I should be slapped! :-) My oppinion is that it is some type of home or hand made blank as the crimps are not at all consistant or even. Thanks for the help guys

gravelbelly, quite probably ID it. Just because his aren’t pretty…