.30-06 Blanks - needed for VETERANS!

John - I will chime in as an IAA Officer. I applaude your efforts to obtain blanks for Veterans Groups. There are always exceptions to any rules, and this most certainly doesn’t count as a “bulk sales” item, in my view. It is, in fact, very generous of you to give your time to an ongoing project like that. I hope that someone can help you. Wish I could, but I don’t know of any source for these items. I don’t even consider this request as “off topic” for this Forum. IAA should be serving our veterans just as we serve Police Agencies in helping them with their questions.

Actually, this strikes me as a public service project (and an especially worthy one!) which this organization is particularly qualified to perform.

Although not an officer, I would like to suggest the IAA Board consider endorsing John’s efforts as an official charitable activity for the membership.


[quote=“John S.”]First,- a big thank you to all the generous folks who contributed odds and ends of .30-06 M1909 type blanks at SLICS last year. Those have all been shipped off to veterans groups for funeral use, along with lots of others I have been able to scrounge up from various sources.
Thanks to old forum posters, we know the point of contact for vets groups who have rifles on loan from the Army to get free issue of blanks for their use. However, there are many outfits who have their own rifles (having gotten tired of some of the chicken stuff regs the army was imposing) and are thus NOT eligible for Army issue of blanks for funerals. They still need a supply, and while I have been able to help with some for emergency needs, I really would like to be able to direct them to a commercial source.
PLEASE- tell me some sources selling .30-06 blanks (in lots of 200 or more rounds).
(NOTE: this is a post to help non-profit veterans groups, not “commercial sale of bulk quantities of ammo” which we do not want to see on this forum.)[/quote]

One commercial source that I know of is Privi Partisan or “PPU” who headstamp as nny (cyrillic). They sell .30-06 current production extended neck blanks here in the UK and I am sure that they will be much cheaper over in the USA.


I know the last post was a few months ago but WW2 and WW1 reenactors have been using 30-06 blanks made by other reenactosr or reenactor suppliers. I believe the cartridges tend to be normal cases rose crimped and the tip dipped in white paint.
I am a Civil War reenactor so I am only a little aware of what is available for leter impressions.

Does anyone have connections with the companies that manufacture blanks for the movie industry? It might be easier to acquire newly remanufacured blanks than scrounging up odd lots of M-1909s, plus they will be non-corrosive.


John - I have a big pile of blanks, at least two hundred rounds if not more. If you have a contact in the Houston area, would you send it to me please?

I found a possible lead on 30-06 blanks. Below is a scan of some blanks I borrowed from a WW2 reenactor.
[/img]He said that he ordered them form Cheaper Than Dirt. I checked out there web site and found this:


The company and address on both packs is:

Manufacturing Research
1840 Baldwin St #10
Rockledge, FL 32955

Perhaps we, the IAA, could do something with this information? If nothing else disseminate it to veterans groups? Just throwing this out in the open, hopefully it will help.

BTW, the extended case blanks are Israeli headstamped 30 IMI 92
The rose crimped blanks are on Igman Zavod made cases(Yugoslavia), but I do not know if they are a product of this company. Headstamp is

john, i have 2/300 blanks for this program. can you find a needy group va, nc, sc, tenn ? i’ll be glad to ship or if close deliver.

I get the M1909 blanks from time to time and I do give them away to organizations who need them for ceremonial details free of charge. All I ask is the the reciever pay the shipping. The last lot of 200 that I had have already been given away. If you want to place yourself on the list please shoot me a message and I can give you my email . Send an email to me so I can save it and I will make sure that your in my list of people needing blanks. I also get 7.62 Nato blanks and 5.56 quite a bit if anyone is using those calibers.