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I recently “won” Volume 2 & 3 of Jerry Marcellos books 30-06 we have seen in an auction. FYO I already had them but figured id snag them and pass along at some point. So while waiting for them to arrive I went to my book shelf and dug out all 3 volumes. No1 is a small stapled paperback and when you go into Volume 2 its repeated and then some. Volume 3 adds to volume 1&2. These have been out of print for long time and jerry is gone. Chris Punnets Book is also good reference as well, but also out of print as far as I know. Bottom line, I enjoyed going back thru these books and even found my hand written notes inserted in various places. My 30-06 collection has not grown for long while as I have focused elsewhere. But maybe I willll spend a bit of time on it again. I always focussed on finding the various loads and especially FA and SL headstamped US stuff (My father worked at th ST Louis Plant during WW2!) ALos have variety of other both commercial and Foreign made. A part6 of a life long collecting bug!

Always interested in books, especially given that they are not always easy to obtain here.

Darren, As of right now I haven’t received the books but they are in route expect arrival on 12th. I had the privilege of knowing Jerry Marcello years back and purchased his books as they came out. Vol 1 was included in Volume 2. Volume 3 adds to Vol 2. I would be glad to set these aside for you. Even though Im in the USA and used to live in the St. Louis Area, i’m about 450 miles in Alabama. I havent decided if I will make Slisc although I should. Been years since Ive attended. As I go thru my duplicates ammunition and look at fact I’m 70, its time to pass on my extar stuff to new ownership. Ive known Lew Curtis since about 1972, John Moss Of course Bill Woodin and many more. Will figure out what I actually have in the books and let you know. Not trying to make money on them. John Guenther

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Would you mind sending me an email at psheehan8@hotmail.com.

I am 30-06 collector out in Utah and I don’t believe I have ever met you.



did you see my PM ?