30-06 Box - R.A. U.M.C.Co - What was in it?

Can anyone out there tell me what cartridges were in this box? I got it empty. It is a simple two piece box with no other markings. It looks military to me.


One thought that comes to mind is the the “REM-UMC 2 - 13” cartridge. It makes sense to me as this is close to the time of the merger and would fit with the “R.A. U.M.C.Co.” nomenclature on the label.

Any thoughts?


Dave - REM-UMC 2 13 was the Remington entry in the 1913 competition for the National Match ammunition. I can’t say that is what the carton is or that it has any relationship to the NM. I’ve never seen anything that describes how the NM entries by the different manufacturers were packaged. They could have used their standard commercial cartons or special cartons for delivery to Frankford. I have a full carton of W.R.A. Co. 2 12, which was their 1912 entry, but it is a standard commercial carton and labeling and I can’t say if was part of their entry or simply overruns. Since I collect NM I’d like to believe it was part of their entry, but that’s mostly wishful thinking on my part.


It appears the label is applied to the box. Is there any evidence the applied label is it covering something printed directly on the box?

Based on the comments already presented above how does this two piece box compare to REM - UMC, Remington or UMCCo two piece boxes for commercial or contract loadings?


I do not see any evidence of any other print under the label.

It is a good idea to compare the box structure to others of the period. I’ll do that
and report back. It will be later this week due to a hectic schedule.

Has anyone seen a REM-UMC. 2 - 13 box?

I appreciate all the thoughtful comments!