30-06 Boxes

If you collect 30-06 by the box, this may be for you. Just be advised that there are two grades of everything, collector grade, sealed boxes, higher priced, and shooting grade, opened boxes, torn boxes, missing lids, etc… So review carefully before selecting.

(Now, let’s just hope that Midway PACKS the order correctly, so the collector grade boxes don’t turn out to be loose rounds and shredded cardboard by the time they arrive.)

One of the box offerings they picture has the Colombian Army Quinta Brigada = Fifth Brigade over stamp.

Quinta Brigada, defined by Fede in a previous Forum discussion-

Photos below from Midway.

Web page:

Screen shot below showing the first MIDWAY web page. When you open this web page on your computer to get to the over stamped box click on the box I have pointed out with the RED ARROW.
Then click on the LOT #18500 box.

Colombia received this ammunition as a result of the Mutual Security Act of 1954, that authorized the export of arms and ammunition to promote the foreign policy of the US by assisting friendly countries. During the 50’s they received more American assistance than any other Latin American country.