.30-06 Bullet


The pictures show two .30 - 06 cartridges. The bullet on the left comes from a case with a H/s ‘UMC 2 - 10’ and weighs 171 grains. It is shown next to a normal 30 - 06 H/s ‘F A 3 10’. The bullet has a different weight an profile to the normal ball round. Can anyone provide any information on this, is it a service round or a reload? Thanks in advance.


The bullet on the left is a 172 grain Thomas “Pencil Point” bullet. Made by UMC and REM-UMC just after the turn of the last century.


Brilliant thanks Randy.


The UMC 2 - 10 with the Thomas Point is typical. There was most likely some experimentation done at UMC loading MATCH contract cartridges with such projectiles. Typical dates are UMC 3-09, 2-10, 2-11 and FA 5 09. They are found with both 172 grain and 150 grain Thomas points…



Joe thanks also for your input.