.30-06 Cartridge Headstamp U.S.C.Co. 2 - 11

I have two .30-06 Cartridges with Headstamp U.S.C.Co. 2 - 11. I know that U.S.C.Co. is United States Cartridge Company. I have not found an identifcation as to what the " 2 - 11." represents. In addition I would like to get some idea as to when these were made and if they have any collector value?

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www.aubruin.com/photos/AA%20Auctions/Ro … ges%20.JPG[img]

How about February 1911?

As Vlad so eloquently pointed out, 2-11 is the month and year of manufacture.

During the early years of the Cal .30 National Match ammunition, cartridges for the Matches at Camp Perry were selected by competition among the major manufacturers, including Frankford Arsenal. For 1911 the winner was WRA Co and the headstamp was W.R.A. CO. 2 11. Headstamps of the other 2 entries were UMC 2-11 and U.S.C.CO. 2-11. So there is a good chance that your cartridges came from the USCCo lot. But, the losers were often boxed and marketed by the manufacturer along with their standard commercial line, so there is no guarantee. I have several of the USCCo 2-11 cartridges but mine came in 5-round stripper clips and so I have cataloged them as NM entries.

Your call.


Thanks for the response Ray & Vlad. I thought the 2-11 might be for Feb. 1911 but not being an ammo collector I thought I would ask first. I am also putting these up for sale and again any idea what I should ask for them?