30.06 cartridge question


Recently acquired a WW1 cartridge top dead center U.S.C. co. 3 staked with 18 bottom dead center. Also has a star on each side of the 18. Anybody know what these 2 stars mean? Thanks Tom from MN



Your USCCo. .30 Cal. (.30-06) besides having the 3 stake primer crimp should have a heavy ring crimp around the primer to prevent primer blowout when used with the Marlin aircraft machinegun. USCCo. used the Hooker extrusion process in forming the cartridge case, the process required fewer case forming steps. The double star in headstamp indicates the cartridge case was made using the Hooker extrusion process.

This is covered in History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. 1, 1880 - 1939, H.W.S.; page 112.



Thank you Brian, I’ll make a note of that! Tom