30-06 Chamber Adapter


30-06 Chamber Adapter I have seen a picture and information about before and now I cannot recall where or what the information on it was. It takes a .320 CF round nicely.


It is not copper, that is just the paper reflection.


Would this be considered a Brayton (Marble’s) auxiliary cartridge?




Thanks for the question. If this device I am inquiring about is patented, I feel it must be a different patent.



Here are two views of a 30-40 Krag Brayton adapter…
It is constructed using an actual Frankford Arsenal case, remains of a headstamp can be seen…
Two slits about .015" wide in the case; 30-40 stamped in the case side wall…



It’s really hard to see how any .32 cartridge could be inserted into this device and successfully chambered in any .30-06 chamber. Even a .32 cartridge of the heeled bullet type when inserted ought, I would think, to expand the neck portion of the device so much it wouldn’t entry the rifle’s chamber. Note that the Marble’s type auxiliary cartridge is only a holder of the pistol cartridge’s rim, not a sub-chamber from which the pistol round is to be fired. Jack



It works perfectly. Fits in a case gauge absolutely precise headspace.



Well, seeing is believing. On the other hand it appears any American .32 revolver cartridge runs at least .313 in. diameter as an average, so in order to chamber the cartridge holder (assuming it was adapted to the .32 Colt) the case neck would really have to be thin in order to accommodate an expected average round. Still, it’s interesting. Jack



The .32 S&W or a Colt cartridges will not work. Only a .320 revolver round works. Therefore it is most likely not of US manufacture.