.30-06 clandestine bandoleer

We all know of clandestine .30-06 A,B and C ammo, but this is the first time I see a matching bandoleer (say “thank you” to Danny Dietz for finding it).

Vlad - I have one of these same bandoleers, right down to the same spurious date and factory initials (B N 40 2), completely full including all the clips and the cardboard pocket inserts. I never could figure out why they gave this ammunition a phony headstamps and bandoleer marking, when every single feature of the ammunition screams “Made in the USA.” Interesting though. I keep it with my 03A3 since, while from the era of the Garand M1 Rifle, the clips are for the Springfield series of rifles.

Does anyone have one of a different “headstamp” marking? Are these common? I don’t recall ever having my hands on one or even seeing one of these bandoleers other than the one I have, and now the one from Vlad, yet the cartridges, at one time at least, were very commonly found among collectors, and even occasionally in “shooting quantity.”

John Moss