30-06 Drill and Dummy cartridges in British Service

As my 0,303" drill cartridges have provoked a bit of interest, these are the 30-06 drill and dummy cartridges that I have … once again, nothing like one of everything, but a good spread including the principle official British marks. Most of these are local, extemporary production for Home Guard use. After the debacle at Dunkirk when much equipment had to be abandoned, there was a critical shortage of Lee-Enfield rifles. In the interim the Home Guard was largely outfitted with US made M’1917 rifles with the ammunition having been produced at least 10 years earlier.



Hi Peter,
that’s a nice line up.
just to prevent that you are getting bored in these covid times, here are some additional ones to look for.
I have only included those which have a “significant” variance versus the ones you show because the variety in “home-guard” dummies is huge.
Have added brief description, happy to discuss further per mail

TOP ROW (left to right)
FA 33 with red wooden one-piece bullet, bottom half of case painted blue
FA 42 with swagged 303 CNCS bullet, green distance rod
DEN 42, one hole in case, AP bullet and red distnce rod
FA 29, GM bullet, no holes, case/bullet painted red/white
FA 29, three red flutes in case brass turned bullet, heavy circular crimp
FA 33 three red flutes, blunt steel bullet
FA 27, no holes, turned round nose brass bullet, heavy case mouth crimp
FA 29, two holes, turned brass bullet, heavy case mouth crimp
FA 32, empty primer pocket, GM bullet soldered via two big holes in neck of case
FA 29, empty primer pocket, four holes, lead bullet fixed with three stab crimps
FA 31, no holes, brass bullet with seven grooves, heavy case mouth crimp
FA 30, no holes, short steel plug (?) used as bullet, front part of case and bullet painted black
FA 36 one small hole at base of case, bullet tip cut of and no lead in bullet

BOTTOM ROW (left to right)
RG 64, three red flutes, GMVS bullet with red tip
K .30 06, empty primer pocket, CNCS bullet
K 66 30, empty primer pocket, GM bullet
RG 63 30, empty primer pocket, chromed case, GMCS bullet
K 66 30, empty primer pocket, nickeled case, GM bullet
K 60 30, empty primer pocket, nickeled case, GMCS bullet
K 62 30, empty primer pocket, cadmium plated case, GMCS bullet
FA 29, CN bullet with hole drilled through, heavy circular crimp
FA 32, three flutes in case, wooden bullet