30-06 Drill help needed. (Edit: Die cast dummy made by Lines Brothers, famous for Tri-ang toys. Factory in Morden Road, London, SW19.")

Can anyone help with the identification of the following 30-06 Drill cartridge?
The round seems to be too light to be aluminium…possibly galvanised steel.
There appears to be very fine mould lines along the side of the cartridge and two long opposite flutes.



Any help with the ID would be much appreciated.

Looks like a British Lines Co cast drill WW2

My search for a Drill Round was probably not the most optimum.

Using your wording; ‘cast drill,’ I was able to find a previous IAA discussion dating back to:

July 2008
Ref: “30-06 Die Cast Dummy?” by TonyE

Continuing the discussion from 30-06 Die Cast Dummy?:

Appreciate your help in the search for the manufacturer.



Similar info is available on Tonys excellent website https://sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/-30-inch/-30-inch-drill-dummy

Regards John P

Many thanks for the Link.
Copied the following:
“The one piece casting had the overall dimensions of the .30 cartridge with three vertical flutes and a slight indentation in the base for the firing pin.”
My example has only two vertical flutes and does not have; “a slight indentation in the base for the firing pin.”
This could be an error on the; “britammo site,” or a production variation.


Sam, there seem to have been at least three variations of the same item…

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