30-06 dummies

I am one of those nuts running after every date on the headstamp for every round.
Looking at my tinned fluted 30-06 Dummies from Frankford Arsenal, I see following variations

the first and last dates I have for these are:

#1 4 holes in lower part of case (re-worked 30-03 dummy)
earliest FA 5-03 latest FA 10-04

#2 3 holes in middle part of case
earliest FA 1-05 latest FA 36

#3 one hole in middle part of case
earliest FA 18 latest FA 39 / FA 39 NM

#4 without holes
earliest FA 28 latest FA 41

Does anybody have any earlier/later Dates for any of these ?


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#1 11 03 to 10 04
#2 2 08 to 18
#3 26 (large primer) to 30
#4 32 to 41 but in steel I have an " A 43 " which missing the “F” in the headstamp

I just remembered that I have another drawer with dummies.
found a #1 with 3-05 date (have updated the first post.

In steel I have FA 43 and FA 4

Have same in #s 1,2,3.

For #4
FA 42 and FA 43 in brass (case not plated)
A43, FA 43, and FA 4 in steel
FA TEST in brass, plated case, bullet is copper jacketed non-magnetic


Hi Pat,

thanks a lot,
for #4 unplated I have FA 41 till FA 43
I also have the plated with TEST and GM bullet


I was looking for a tang sight, and I found these. None have steel casings. And I still have not found that sight…

Left to Right:

FA 31[dot], (Fired primer, hole drilled through case)
FA 28, (With flash hole)
FA 43, (With flash hole, magnetic projectile)
FA 60 [NATO], (No flash hole, magnetic projectile)
LC 69, (No flash hole)
GECO .30M1, (Fired primer, magnetic projectile)

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Just a quick question I always wondered: What makes 7.62mm (M-14) fluted dummies so hard to find? 30.06 and 5.56mm are very plentiful. Tom from MN

They probably moved into politics 😁


My guess is that type of training went the way of properly cleaning your weapon with bore solvent and a good lubricating grease, the way we still did it in the 70’s~early 80’s…
… why did the US military stop using those?

I believe they are still being made and issued the current being chrome plated. The earlier 7.62 NATO dummies were made in several configurations by FA & LC, that may account for one type being hard to find… you need too go to cartridge shows.