30-06 dummy/drill?


30-06 dummy/drill?

Wood bullet. Brass primer that looks like it was snapped but not fired. 217 grains. Weight suggests wood dowel goes all the way to bottom.



could be a UK (home guard) dummy, made of a fired Remington Blank case




Yes, agreed a M1909. I also lean towards UK home guard.



I’ve got three wooden-bulleted variations that were issued to the Home Guard. None are as well made as your round but they all have the bullet stained red, I don’t recall seeing any British dummy round with a wooden bullet left uncoloured.



Yes, that is my one hang-up, plus the extra length.



The wood projectile is very reminiscent of those in 7.9 x 57 blank reloads
done in Demark following WWII. I know that the Danes had some M1 Garand
rifles in service as late as 1972, as in Copenhagen, in a “circle” in the city
where some government buildings were there was a guard house, and stacked
outside, in a walkway under the upper floor of the building, were some stacks
of M1s. I, myself, own a Beretta-made Garand, with Danish Navy markings, along
with is Danish made and marked bayonet.

The 7.9s generally had an “O” stamped on the head (randomly placed) to denote
a reload.

The 7.9s did not have that neck cannelure, though, so these may have nothing to do
with Denmark at all, but as I say, the bullet looks the
same and it is a caliber they used in the post-WWII era. They also made dummies
with the same bullet in 7.9 x 57, but they had several cannelures on the case to ID them
as drill rounds. I don’t recall any headstamp quite so early as the .30-06 shown on the Danish
rounds, though, and I had several hundred different, including lots and dates on German
cases. Mostly, the were WWII dates, or from the mid to late 1930s.

Thinking of it, I also had a 7.9 blank made by FN with a somewhat similar plain-wood
bullet, but I think the ogive of the projectile was somewhat different. Been awhile now
since I sold the 7.9 collection.

Just another avenue to explore although it may lead nowhere.

John Moss


I have one identical to this only the head-stamp is R A 41 with a silver colored primer. Tom from MN