30-06 dummy, possibly Technoframes

I have this 30-06 dummy, possibly Technoframes. non magnetic. Solid brass with copper projectile that screws off.


Joe, yes, it is an “historical replica” made in Italy by Technoframes and is only made with this headstamp. Below is an image from the 2010 catalog.


here are two other 30-06 versions from Technoframes.
The version you have is sold in a cartridge box containing US WW2 ammo.
Steve did some business with Technoframes and I guess he got a single one from them.

Also on my versions, the bullet can be screwed off


What is the intended market for these? Countries where owning even inert ammunition is illegal if it uses real components?

It is interesting that a finished promotional image would so obviously omit mentioning the 7.92 cartridge in the German dummy set (it lists all of the others).