30-06 dummy silver painted wood bullet


I have this 30-06 dummy with a silver painted wood bullet “F A 40” headstamped. Wondering if this was done by some government or maybe just some individual? No rattle or powder inside from what I can here and bullet is tight.



perhaps made for cinema or parade use?


Could be, or it could be a vampire round.

Edit; Just kidding on the vampire remark.



"Local Pattern"
in British Parlance. Very common during and after WW II, as countries using .30cal (Rifles and MGs) sourced their own Training (Drill) Rounds by local supply, using fired cases and wood Projectiles of various colours. See Holland, Denmark, etc in 1950s, and Britain in 1940s.(Home Guard especially).
This one is too well made (profile) to be a “Bubba” or “DingBat”. Note typical British Neck stab crimp.

Doc AV


The ring crimp 1/4 the way down on the neck is two piece. Trying to remember if I have seen another wood bullet painted silver in a military small arms casing.

Could be theatrical like Pete suggests.



[quote=“xjda68”]Could be, or it could be a vampire round.

Edit; Just kidding on the vampire remark.


Careful Joe. Silver bullets are for dispatching werewolves. You need a wooden stake for run-of-the-mill vampires and it has to be driven through the heart, while they are sleeping. Vampires are not particularly affected by silver painted wood bullets and it usually just ticks them off.



Thanks for straighten me out Ray, you sound like a man of experience. Must be king of hairy and scary after dark in Linden.




Not nearly as scary as downtown Phoenix where the werewolves and vampires are packing heat.


Ya, and I am also packing heat if I take a walk after dark.