.30-06 Dummy/Training Ammo

While ratting around in the back of the local gun shop I came across a clip of .30-06 dummy/training ammo. I am assuming that these are mainly for '03’s. I believe the numbers on the base of the cartridge is the date. What I found is stamped as follows: UMC 2 07, FA 29, FA 34,U.S.C. Co. 1-06, FA 18, U.S.C.Co. 12-05, FA 37, FA 18. Any value to these? They were in a M1 clip marked I S 3. Will buy them off the dealer, if the price is reasonable.


06 dummy rounds are quite common and found with mixed dates and headstamps. Just to be sure, go the Home Page and click on Chris Punnetts “Introduction to 30-06 Cartridges”. Read the section on dummy cartridges to see if possibly any of yours are out of the ordinary.

If, by M1 clip, you mean a Garand clip, it could be worth more than the cartridges. Maybe someone can tell you what an I S 3 clip is worth.


My local gun shop has all the M1 clips you want for $1.00 each. I remember when they were a dime apiece, and cost nothing if they came on surplus ammo you were buying. I don’t know clips, but going thru my M1 clips for markings yesterday, for a friend who collects them, I found quite a number of the I S clips with various numbers (cited here as “I S 3”. It doesn’t strike me there is anything rare about them.

I would think that some of the dummy headstamps reported above with the company initials and month and year are not exactly littering the streets though. UMC 2 07, U.S.C.Co. 1 06, etc. Could be wrong - don’t know much about .30-06.

There isn’t much out there that I can find on Dummy Ammo. Especially as to values. I did read the section on the home page. It did provide a bit of info that I didn’t know before. Just think it is kind of neat that some of the rounds are over a hundred years old. Thanks for the help.

M1 Garand Clips are getting outrageous as to their prices. I have close to two hundred or so. Get them when buying ammo usually, will buy it when available in clip vs loose. Also lots of folks leave clips at the range by either mistake or laziness.

As with most things the value of the cartridges is what someone will pay you for them. The FA marked ones are worth least because I’ve found them to be the most usual marking by far, other markings are more interested because they’re less frequently seen.

The Garand clip is made by International Silver of Meriden, CT., these are seen numbered between 1 and 4 and I assume these to be contract or lot numbers. Some Garand clip makers are quite scarce, I saw one marked ‘S’ made by Stanley Works go for quite a high price recently but all except for the early types are to be found if you want one.