.30-06 dummy which country?

By now i bet you are saying not another 30-06 dummy! This has me stumped a bit. It is made from cases which “might” have been given to the UK on the lend-lease arrangement, Millions of fired and second cases. It falls into the date span. The stab crimps x 3 around the case mouth is very similar to the early 303 case mouth crimps (.303-inch Cordite MkI) but not as deep. Also, almost the same as on Observation .303-inch O MkI. However it has one cannelure about mid case. That is similar to the Danish M/48 dummy but that has two cannelures and no crimping. Just to muddy the water a little, The Dains used cases from Kynoch I understand with a headstamp of K .30 So I dont think its Danish but leaning towards a uk production. Any thoughts please…paul

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I could just do with a Danish and a coffee!

It is not Danish, Denmark used only Kynoch and Danish cases for Dummy in 30-06

The bullet look like the re-sized reject 0,303 ones found in some British expedient dummies. I have one of these dummies with a shallow annular ring pressed into the case as well as three heavy stab crimps but mine has a crudely made lathe-turned steel “bullet”.

That’s four 30-06 expedient dummies you’ve shewn that I’ve never seen before … are there any others ?


Here a Danish .30-06 dummy
Unbenannt-1_Bildgröße ändern

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