.30-06 dummy

Looking for some help on the ID of this .30-06 Dummy. It looks like it has a brass bullet and has been soldered into the case, 4 x drilled case neck holes but only to a depth of 4mm. It also has one hole drilled in the case near the head. headstamp FA 33…thanks…paul…

found another one, but only two holes in the case and the same type of brass bullet. This one is not soldered in and can turn.

I would suggest that these are possibly locally manufactured for the British Home Guard. These were made up almost exclusively from salvaged US cases. Sometimes the cases were fluted but randomly drilled holes like yours were much more common. It was also common practice to solder the bullets into the case. The hole through the neck is unusual but I do have a Home Guard round which has a hole drilled right through the neck and then a copper rivet passed through the hole securing the bullet.