.30-06 "Eskimo Loads"

I have a couple of .30-06 cartridges headstamped “W-W SUPER 30-06 SPRG”. They have pointed FMJ 150gr. cupro-nickel bullets. The envelope they are in indicates the box label read ".30 AN M2 Manf. June 1981 Lot 12SF20"
Then an added note (not on the box) “For export to Greenland for Eskimo hunters”.

Does anyone have more information on this load?

Hmmmm. Interesting. I thought hunting Eskimos was banned many years ago.

Sounds like someone reloaded commercial 06 with FMJ bullets for seal hunting or some such???


Ray–You are correct.Hunting Eskimos is illegal. They are an endangered species.

If I recall correctly these came out of a white Winchester box and were loaded by Winchester.

George Kass and I had them for sale in the 1980’s but I do not remember the story behind them.