30-06 Experimental

30-06 Ball with experimental zinc primer hand writen on the side is T-174 primer

Another 30-06 Ball with unknown steel jacket.



I believe the primer is the zinc plated P-4 (or P4).

Do you have any information as to the unknown steel jacket other than the inscription on the case? What is the inscription on the bullet?

I’m not being nosey or a busy body. As you can see by my signature I collect experimentals and competition cartidges. I’m always wanting to learn.



That’s what I figure this forum is for Asking and answering questions! So its noooo problem. This is another round [actualy both of these are], if memory serves me right I got from Chris P years ago. But I have lost all my notes on my 30-06 plus some others when my old PC went Kpaut! On the bullet it says MAG for magnetic I would assume. At the time even Chris didn’t have any info on the unknown round, however things may have changed in the last several years!