.30-06 f a 25 r

Hi again everyone. I did find an old thread on this subject but it wasn’t very conclusive to me. Is this a match round or a hardened case for MG use? Or something else perhaps? Thanks as usual…

1925 National Match, 172 Gr boattail.
You should try to obtain both Punnett’s 30-06 book and Vol. 1 & 2 of HWS.

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The ‘R’ does indicate ‘rifle’ anneal, or tending toward hard anneal. Softer anneals fare better in machine guns as they are less apt to produce head separations in guns with headspace tending toward the allowable upper limit. The hard anneal extracts from a manually operated firearm (read: '03 Springfield) easily as hard brass is springier and tends not to stick in the chamber after firing. Jack

Thanks… and Pete, I will look tonight for those books. I only have Vol 3. V/r Henry

Fortunately (thanks to you and Mel) I have all three volumes of HSW and have been keeping an eye out for Chris’ book for some time now. The few that I see listed are all North of the $250 US mark, which places it out of the reach of most collectors, especially those overseas. These are all second hand, so the money isn’t going to Chris and I’m sure he wasn’t asking this much originally. I’m sure there are more people than me who would love to have a copy and I wonder if Chris would consider a short production run?

Now I have absolutely no idea what the process entails, or what the cost would be to do this. I’m sure there are minimum numbers, copyright and legal issues, and myriad other things to consider. However, I believe the demand would be there and I recall someone offering printing/binding services in the BST are, so I thought I’d throw it out there…

I agree Mayhem. I haven’t started looking yet but I paid 65 for Vol. 3 and heard the others were expensive.

Chris’s book is on our website in the reference.

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HWS volume 1 has been revised, and that, to my mind, is the copy to look for, although if you can find the original it is still a VERY worthwhile book. Both one revised and volume two have addendum’s, which should also be obtained.

I didn’t even think to look into the members section.

@ChrisP Thank you for making this freely available to IAA members. It is greatly appreciated.

Yea i see Chris’s book, and I saw the prices on volumes 1 and 2 of HWS… wow!

You buy a cartridge and you learn about one cartridge; you buy a book and you learn about hundreds.

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