.30-06 "FA 24" green tracer

The previous owner wrote “tracer (green), mod” unfortunately model number is invisible. How did he determine it was a tracer?

Tracers were identified by their chemically blackened cases.

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It probably came from a box.

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The annulus color tells the tale on these. L-R A white, a green and a red.
the white has a almost black sealant & the red a red sealant (not very apparent in this photo).


That’s interesting Pete. The ones in the pictured box in my collection have green lacquer on the entire base of the cartridge. I guess there’s another variation I need to find now!

Edit: Looking at your picture on something other than my phone makes me wonder if yours wasn’t fully lacquered at some point and some has worn off. I do have the red p/a on others though.

Dave - on my screen from 7 o;clock to 12 oclock shows a greenish color on the cartridge head, although bluer in tone than the green on the primer. Of course, that could be, I suppose, because of the lacquer being thin and over two difference color-tones of material.

John Moss