.30-06 FA 29 Tracers

I ran into these today. I assume they are tracers because of the blackened cases but what got me when looking closer was the differences in the head stamps. I couldn’t reconcile with the books that I have, or am looking in the wrong place. I see differences in bunter size but more intriguing is the solid dot between the F and A in the second head stamp. As usual any help in identifying is appreciated!


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Year 1929 was the last in which the M1 tracer was made with a blackened case.

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I don’t see an annulus color so probably white trace

What’s the significance of that dot on the 2nd headstamp?

Under magnification the annulus looks to be red on the 2nd one, hard to see an annulus color on the 1st round.

dot according to Chris is most likely a minor change to the internal shape of the head

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Very interesting Pete thank you. I’m going to make another post about another round I’m looking at.

Thanks Fede, confirms that they are in fact tracers. Still learning a lot about .30-06 and I only recently ran into HWS Vol I