30-06 "For Machine Gun Use" box?


I have had this box for some years. It is the only 30 M1 box I have seen that has the “For Machine Gun Use” on the lable. The layout for the “20 CARTRIDGES BALL” is also strange. All of the other Ball boxes I have see are labled:


The box is sealed so I have no idea what the headstamp is. Can anyone give me a ball park date from the Lot# and any information about the “For Machine Gun Use” marking would be very much appreciated.


Hackley, Woodin & Scraton, on pages 113 & 114 described these cartridges. The short answer: the difference was in the neck anneal. A harder anneal was used for the


Wow, cool box…I collect boxed US Military ammo, I will definitely have to find a box of that to add to my collection now!


Thanks for the help 45B20,

I knew about the rifle anneal but was somehow thinking they were only connected to match ammo. I have HWS vol’s 1 and 2 and some how managed to completely miss seeing the box on p.114. A sure sign I am suffering from CRS. I received some info on this lot number, the rounds in this box should be headstamped F A 31 . (dot)