30-06 for the Winchester experts

I came across this 30-06 with headstamp
W.R.A. CO. .30 G 1906
The bullet seems to be a Winchester Pointed Expeanding Bullet (copper cap held by three lead locks)
But this is a hollow point version.
I hope my (lousy) pictures are good enough

Is this an original load or a home-made bullet version


Interesting. Does the hollow point go all the way through or is it more of a dimple? I’ve never seen one like that before. But, I’m not a Winchester exspurt either. Maybe Gary Ball would know?

Here’s a photo of the W.R.A. Protected Point bullet, sectioned. The cap was supposed to do two things. 1) Protect the lead tip, and 2) Collapse on impact and enhace expansion. I suppose adding a hollow point would further enhance expansion but it would seem strange that W.R.A. would do that after touting how great the P.P. bullet was.


Hi Ray,

great picture.
The lead inside goes up to about 1MM from the tip of the bullet.
It is a vaguely visible in the first picture.
Maybe somebody just cut the tip of the bullet off. But it is done very well
and no sharp rims can be felt.