30-06 Frankford Ball reloads?


I acquired these 5 rounds from my friend Erik Bloomberg, most of you know him and his wife. Apron receiving them I informed him " Someone’s homemade reloads out of a fired casing with Fire Engine RED sealant they applied, not factory Purple." Erik gave me permission to use his name. He says several decades ago these rounds were examples he kept as a friend of his and himself were opening up sealed boxes and taking these rounds out and loading in cloth MG belts to shoot the ammo. He remembers it vividly. He feels they were arsenal boxes.
I have depot reloads in my collection and National Guard unit reloads, but I have never seen a US Government Ball reload of the time period with a domed BRASS primer and such bright red sealant.
I can attest they are reloads as the necks, shoulders and resizing signs above the extractor grove show such signs. Also the extractor groove and heads. No question they are reloads.

WE seek information and opinions please.

Joe Adashunas

Here is a few more angels of the necks in diferent light…

Edit 2/12/2018.
I have added below for those who may not have, a random example from the time period of a FA factory loaded round. I could have probably found a nicer example, but you get the point.


The quality of the work doesn’t look like Frankford Arsenal to me. In the pic of the five rounds points up the leftmost has a case mouth that isn’t square and the one next to it has a buckled case mouth from incorrect adjustment of the crimping die. Jack


It is also a possibility a foreign government reloaded these. I say however doubtful, as these are M1906 projectiles. Again however they could have received surplus projectiles…
Looking thru my other than US military rounds and finding no domed brass priers with this RED sealant.
If a hand loader loaded these, why would they bother with the primer sealant… But maybe they got creative or they were trying to pull one over and sold them as factory??? Could have even had new labels printed and glued them over old ones on the boxes. Erik says the boxes all went in the burn barrel as they loaded the rounds in belts. He says this was like 60 years back. Erik, please correct me if I got anything wrong…



My wife normally does the typing of questions on the forum as she is better at it than I am but she said I can do this one. Joe got everything correct as I told it to him, being a kid just starting out with this hobby I was just happy to get some cartridges. I regret that I didn’t save some of the boxes or labels I didn’t realize how important documentation is.


Frankford Arsenal made Bench Reloading Tool sets in 1907, which were issued to various units and also sold to NRA members, along with components. These cartridges may come from those sources.



Do you happen to know if primer sealant was part of the kit?



I have not seen mention of primer sealant. The “Bench Reloading set” manual does not seem to mention anything like that. There may be separate instructions for actual use which I have not seen.


Ok, thanks to all. I guess I will stick them in my unknowns.