.30-06 "G.C.Co. 8 16"

IAA reference guide identifies it as Graphite Cartridge Company, Washington, DC. I assume it is a military contract headstamp. Never seen this one before. Did they only make cartridges for a short time?

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I looked in Chris Punnett’s bible and found no such headstamp.

you have to look again, all info is in there

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I went to the back where there is a list of all the headstamps. And I looked under “G” in US section.
Am I looking at the right country? Or maybe I went blind? I looked 2 times, still don’t see it.

Graphite Cartridge Co., Washington D.C., USA. Only empty casing found and with 1916 dates.

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Do you know the page number in Chris’ book?

Vlad - I don’t have Chris’ book right at hand right now, but do have an original HWS Volume I at my desk. See Page 111, to include Figure 145 (a headstamp drawing) which states:

 "Cartridge cases have been examined with headstamp initials G.C.CO. and the dates 7 16 or 8 16 (Fig. 145).  These cases were made by the Graphite Cartridge Co. of Washington, D.C., a part of the W. D. Smith Ordnance Co., but not under government contract."

I don’t have the revised edition of HWS Volume I at hand, so do not know if there was any revision to this information, either addenda or errata.

John Moss

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Cartridgecorner is right on the money this outfit made emtys for 1916and 1917
and the info comes from a book called 30-06 we have seen Vol2.

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Pages 306-307.

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OK, just got home, it is under “W” for W.D.Smith on page 306. Thanks, Fede. I really hope you come to SLICS. I’d like to meet a man who remembers everything, total opposite of me. Interesting story about graphite lubrication, obviously hard sell at the end of the Great War.

I hope we will meet one day, I really miss SLICS and all the wonderful people I met there. I’ll be back one day with mate and alfajores to share…


Does anyone have a pic of one dated 1917? I have only seen 2016.