30-06 Head Stamp OJP


A friend has brass marked OJP IV 59 which he says he got at a CMP shoot years ago, but couldn’t remember for sure.
From the HS list I know OJP is Austrian and I’m wondering what the IV is? Maybe an arsenal number? Thanks much, lee


I believe the “IV” means it was manufactured in the 4th quarter of the year 1959.

I’ll let the experts correct me if I’m wrong.

BTW, the OJP ammunition is fairly common in the U.S. A lot of it was imported a few years back.



Thanks Ray…that makes sense even though I’ve never seen the HS before. Funny how things have been sliding by un-noticed during my late 60’s. Guess I’ve been taking too many naps!
Am I correct assuming it’s NC? lee


Corrosive, Berdan; made by OJP ( Oesterriechische JagdPatrone Fabrik) a Plant set up in the 1950s ( 56, I think) to manufacture Ammunition for the newly reconstituted Austrian Republic ( Soviet and US occupation ended in 1955.) They manufactured 8x56R, 7,9x57, .30cal ( Listed as “GM-1 7,62”) etc. The company was short-lived, and by the early sixties had gone, absorbed by Hirtenberger etc.

Ammo quality is average…1959, 60 Nowadays may be “click-bang”; Loaded correctly for use in M1 Garand, but age now would be against it.

Doc AV


Years ago, I was firing some of this ammo and I found the gas port pressure to be too high for the M1 Garand rifle. The acceleration of the operating rod was so violent that it ripped through the cartridge rim, with the bolt opening all the way but leaving the fired case in the chamber. Sticking cases can be caused by a rough (pitted) chamber. I got a cleaning rod to push the case out of the chamber, but when I would tip the rifle up to do so, the case simply slid right out of the chamber on its own, and showed no sign of expansion into imperfections in the chamber. This generally indicates port pressure too high for an otherwise perfect condition Garand rifle. Firing some US military ball confirmed that the weapon was working perfectly with good ammunition. High gas port pressure is generally a result of the use of powder with an improper burning rate, and is not necessarily related to chamber pressures.

I found the OJP ammo second rate, as Doc Av said, but that was a matter of accuracy not function, working perfectly in a Springfield 03A3 rifle with no signs of high chamber pressure (case head diameter ok, no flattening of primer cup, etc.). I reserved this ammo for Bolt Action rifles only, but ended up giving it away later, as I preferred my own handloads anyway.

Personally, at this stage of time, unless I had just too much of this stuff to ignore, I would not fire it at all. Just my opinion.


Yes, corrosive as DocAV indicates. As I recall, this was available in the U.S. in the mid-70’s in repackaged 50 rd. boxes and imported by Interarms. Blasted a bunch of it back then and cleaned accordingly… I think I have seen that earlier dates used 1-4 dots to indicate the quarter. Don’t know when the change was made to Roman numerals.