30-06 Headstamp Help

i was checking my 30-06 collection and came accross a headstamp thats unknown to me. On the top of the headstamp the letters: PIG3 At 9 oclock is: 34 And at 6 oclock: 8 and at 3 oclcock there is an S * (*) with a star. I checked Chriss’s book and could’nt find anything similer. Thanks in Advance.

You 100% sure it’s a .30-06? Check the IAA Headstamp listing for ‘P163’. Could be a bad bunter strike on a German 7.92x57.

johnnyc Your A Genius! Its not a 30-06 at all. Upon a closer look, The top headstamp reads P1G3 not PIG3. What do i have? Thanks

Jon is right. That round has to be a 7.9 x 57 mm Mauser round, with brass case made by Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbritzen G.m.b.H., Werk Selterhof, as cartridge case lot 8 of 1934. That does NOT necessarily mean it was loaded at that factory, not, for that matter, that it was not. Only the box label can tell you. German military headstamps of the contain information that, generally, only pertains to the cartridge case.

This is the head stamp John described.

I am sorry for the “attacked” primer.
The round needs replacement.



This time the P163 also loaded the round.