30-06 Headstamp ID


Found in a box of junk cartridges.

30-06 Brass case

12.00 Oclock - J.58

9.00 Oclock - T H

3.00 Oclock - S

6.00 Oclock - 7.62

Not sure about the “J” at 12 Oclock. Could also be some sort of symbol.

Heavy primer ring crimp like found on the USC Co cartridges for the Marlin MG. Could be green lacquer in ring. Hard to tell. Brass colored primer is very flat. Berdan, 2 flash holes. No bullet but looks like it had a roll crimp. Traces of dark sealant inside mouth.

Whatzit?? Probably something very common. I never find anything rare.



Ray–It is French. The “J” would be a number, probabily a 3. “TH”=Trefileries et Laminoirs du Havre, Rugles, France; “S” = Compagnie Francaisi des Metaux, Serifontaine (Metal Supplier)


Thanks Ron.

That is a rare case. I’ll bet I’m the only kid on my block who has one.



Ray–Yes, very rare. You should get it gold plated. Then it would be worth maybe 10 cents.


Hey Ray,

Don’t feel bad. EVERY bullet in my amassment is like your French one. All are common and everybody but me has cases of them. Oh well. Just check out my recent .30-06 and ??? post. I know though, that somewhere in my mess of a shop, there’s that bullet I can retire on. I just know it.



Ray I have one of those, mine is 3 rather than J Nickel FMJ, Purple or Black primer and neck seal
but mine must be the common one as even under 10x magnification