30-06 help

need some clarifcation please. concerning the 30-06 name. i realise it was first called 30 springfield model 1906 am i correct? second have seen several older rifles marked 30 govt 1906. when did the industry change from springfield to government? what was the earliest box of ammo manufactured with the 30-06 monicur? thanks

Recommend you read the excellent Introduction to .30-06 Cartridges on the main IAA page CartridgeCollectors.org

Anything not answered there is covered in great detail in Chris Punnett’s wonderful book with the catchy title of “.30-06”

The first military designation for the .30-06 cartridge was: .30 Ball Cartridge Model of 1906. Reference: HWS Vol I (1st Edition), page 109.

I cannot speak for every manufacturer, but the first Winchester designation for the .30-06 cartidge, according to the earliest Winchester catalog in which it appeared, Catalog Number 74, March 1908, the designation was: .30 U.S. Gov’t Model 1906.

thanks for the web site and yes i do and dont have chris,'s excellent book.have loaned it out and it hasnt returned. it has been awhile since i had read it and coundnt remember it he actually said when the earliest factory ammo was stamped “30-06”

The first listing by U.M.C. was in the 1908 catalog where it was listed as a “New” listing. It was listed as ".30 Springfield 1906 (Rimless) with a 150gr. Metal Cased, Pointed bullet. This was followed in 1909 with a 172gr. Metal Cased, Pointed and a 190gr. Soft Point The name .30-'06 Springfield was first used by Rem-UMC in the 1940 catalog. The 1917 catalog still used the (Rimless) designation, but by 1923 that had been dropped. (I do not have any cataloges from 1918-1922). Neither UMC or Rem-UMC ever used the name “.30 govt 1906”

As for headstamps, according to Chris Punnett in “.30-06” the headstamp “REM-UMC 1906” was used until June 1933. In July 1933 it was changed to “REM-UMC .30-06”.
It changed to “.30-06 SPRG” in Aug. 1949.

From Ron’s information, it is obvious that there was no SINGLE “first” commercial designation for the .30-06 round. It is clear each manufacturer called it what they pleased. Thanks for that study Ron. the only catalogs I had early enough to matter were the Winchester.

I have seen it listed in this country as .30 US . I believe Kynoch did, although I haven’t seen a headstamp. Quite common to have it called .30 or “thirty calibre”.