30-06 Hollifield Dotter (Sectioned)

A couple of years ago, at a local gun show, I found a 30-06 Hollifield Dotter cartridge in very good condition with an FA 27 headstamp. Being suspicious of both the condition and the headstamp I asked to borrow it to photograph. When I sent the photos to our resident expert, Chris Punnett, he confirmed that it was fake, apparently made by putting a set of original guts into a good condition case from a later period. When I took it back to the owner and gave him the bad news he said,

Interesting. I always wondered what they looked like.

I don’t have any sectioned stuff to post, but am glad you are posting these. That is a nice .50-70 that got posted and we need to copy that out into a separate post so it can be found on its own.